Research Publications

Research Publications

December 2021

Aviation Insights - Cost differentiation between SAF and Carbon Offsetting

A successful solution to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 requires the combined results of both carbon offsetting and the use of SAF. The carbon market is seen as a transitional solution, while SAF is regarded as the long term path.
September 2021

The Ascent of SAF

This paper summarises the available pathways of deriving SAF and investigates the cost of using SAF for specific aircraft types.
September 2021

Aviation Insights - SAF closing the gap between new and previous technology aircraft

Deploying SAF can help previous technology aircraft level up with the new and more fuel-efficient aircraft – at a cost.
June 2021

An empirical investigation of European airline business models: Classification and hybridisation

Airline business models are evolving. How many business models exist in Europe, and what are their defining characteristics?