In-Depth Research

In-Depth Research

May 2023

Sustainability in Aviation: Aircraft Investors’ Perception

Sustainability in aviation is on the agenda for all industry players, including investors. This study uncovers patterns in their collective thinking on the topic of sustainability.
September 2021

The Ascent of SAF

This paper summarises the available pathways of deriving SAF and investigates the cost of using SAF for specific aircraft types.
June 2021

An empirical investigation of European airline business models: Classification and hybridisation

Airline business models are evolving. How many business models exist in Europe, and what are their defining characteristics?
July 2018

A320 NEO vs CEO comparison study

This study draws a comparison between A320 CEO and A320 NEO variants from a technical and commercial point of view, with emphasis on the changes and cost differentials introduced by the new engine types.