Research Publications

Research Publications

September 2022

Aviation Insights - How much SAF is needed in Europe

SAF production in Europe may be on track to meet the EU mandates by 2030 but cannot meet higher targets set by governments or airlines.
May 2022

Aviation Insights - Some Challenges with Environmental Sustainability Metrics in Aviation

Uncertainty in environmental performance criteria is a significant obstacle in making investment decisions and furthering the aviation sustainability agenda.
December 2021

Aviation Insights - Cost differentiation between SAF and Carbon Offsetting

A successful solution to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 requires the combined results of both carbon offsetting and the use of SAF. The carbon market is seen as a transitional solution, while SAF is regarded as the long term path.
September 2021

The Ascent of SAF

This paper summarises the available pathways of deriving SAF and investigates the cost of using SAF for specific aircraft types.