Research Publications

Research Publications

February 2024

Aviation Insights - AERO ENGINES: What to make of today’s challenges?

Commercial Aircraft Engine programs have a complex history. From design to certification through continuous improvements in performance and reliability, they require significant upfront and continuous investment to optimize and develop, with many programs seeing decades of service.
May 2023

Sustainability in Aviation: Aircraft Investors’ Perception

Sustainability in aviation is on the agenda for all industry players, including investors. This study uncovers patterns in their collective thinking on the topic of sustainability.
March 2023

Aviation Insights - Aviation Insights – Policy Frameworks: Recent Developments in CORSIA

The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) will likely impact airlines as the sector’s total emissions will start catching up and exceeding the CORSIA baseline.
September 2022

Aviation Insights - How much SAF is needed in Europe

SAF production in Europe may be on track to meet the EU mandates by 2030 but cannot meet higher targets set by governments or airlines.