Amentum Capital Ltd. becomes FPG Amentum Ltd.

Amentum Capital Ltd. becomes FPG Amentum Ltd.

Amentum Capital Limited has been renamed FPG Amentum Limited (FPG Amentum)

Dublin, September 17, 2015 – Amentum Capital Limited, the Dublin-based commercial aircraft management company, has been renamed FPG Amentum Limited (‘FPG Amentum’) as of 26 August 2015. Today FPG Amentum formally launches its new brand identity.

The name change and rebranding reflects the closer integration of FPG Amentum into the FPG group following the change in ownership. In May 2015 Financial Products Group Co., Ltd. (‘FPG’ – 7148:JP) had increased its shareholding in FPG Amentum from 25% to 75% and FPG Asset & Investment Management BV (‘FPG AIM’) had acquired 5% of FPG Amentum’s share capital.

Hisanaga Tanimura, President and CEO of FPG comments: “FPG Amentum is an important part of FPG’s strategy to develop, originate and manage innovative aircraft investments for the Japanese market. We are delighted that the close integration of our Dublin-based subsidiary is now also reflected in its name. Comprehensive asset management capabilities are key to successful aircraft investments and with the renamed FPG Amentum we send a clear signal to our customers, suppliers and business partners that FPG provides these services with in-house resources and is committed to the aircraft investment space for the long run.”
Martin Bouzaima, CEO of FPG Amentum adds: “We are delighted to rebrand as FPG Amentum today. Our new name shows our close integration into the FPG group, a strong partner that is committed to further developing and growing our successful lessor platform. We are also keeping ‘Amentum’ as part of our corporate name. With the 10th anniversary of our company this year, Amentum is a well-established name in the airline, operating lessor, and aircraft investor communities.”


Press Contact:
Lorraine Barron
FPG Amentum Ltd.
+353 1639 8111
Press Contact FPG:
Kenji Kubode
Executive Officer and General Manager of Accounting Department
Financial Products Group Co., Ltd.
+81 3 5288 5691
Press Contact FPG AIM:
Marcus Jung
FPG Asset & Investment Management BV
+31 10 340 0787
Note to Editors:
About FPG:
Tokyo headquartered FPG was founded in 2001 and is currently listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. FPG is an independent financial service provider and offers various financial products to profitable companies and wealthy individuals. With tax lease arrangement as its core business, FPG provides integrated services covering the origination, structuring, equity placement, and management of Japanese operating leases (JOL) for aircraft, vessels, and marine containers. FPG is a leading independent JOL equity arranger in the market.
More information can be found on the company’s website at
About FPG AIM:
Partly owned by FPG, with offices in the Netherlands and Singapore FPG AIM provides global sourcing, structuring, arranging and M&A advisory services to investors, banks and companies active in the aircraft, shipping and marine container industries.
About FPG Amentum:
Headquartered in Dublin, FPG Amentum is a dedicated third-party provider of aircraft investment management and advisory services to equity and debt investors in the aviation sector and offers a full range of aircraft leasing services to airlines worldwide through its full-service leasing platform. FPG Amentum was founded in 2005. Today it is 75% owned by Financial Products Group Co., Ltd., 5% owned by FPG Asset & Investment Management BV and 20% owned by senior management. FPG Amentum currently manages a US$ 2 billion portfolio of aircraft and provides services to several investor and banking customers.
More information can be found on the company’s website at