FPG Amentum leverages its relationships with airlines, OEMs, lessors, and financial institutions to identify and develop attractive asset sourcing opportunities. FPG Amentum has the full spectrum of capabilities in-house allowing it to manage all aspects of asset sourcing including negotiating a fair price for the asset, performing technical due diligence and assessing maintenance condition, evaluating lessee and asset risk, and taking delivery of assets.

FPG Amentum also has experience with a wider range of asset types than is the case with many lessors. We have invested in narrowbody and widebody aircraft, as well as regional and freighter aircraft. Our management experience includes working with aircraft in all age categories. In addition we have worked with airlines from the low cost, flag carrier, charter, ACMI and cargo segments worldwide. This breadth of experience gives us the skill to effectively source assets in line with the investment strategy developed with our investor customer and prevailing market conditions.