FPG Amentum manages all operational functions of lessor SPCs set up to hold the aircraft assets of our investor customers. We manage lessee invoicing and monitor compliance with lease terms including rent payment, maintenance reserve payment, and insurance obligations. Similarly, we administer and monitor compliance of the lessor SPCs with their payment obligations to equity, debt and other parties.

FPG Amentum also actively monitors the technical compliance of the lessee, with periodic technical audits of the lessee including regular inspections of the aircraft and aircraft records. We are also present at significant maintenance events and manage maintenance reserve claims against the lessor.

Our services also include forward looking activities such as credit risk monitoring and evaluation of lessor options under the lease. We also leverage our continuous industry research efforts and market knowledge to proactively develop placement and work-out solutions most closely in line with investor risk-return parameters. For all Irish incorporated SPCs we provide comprehensive management services and directors, qualifying the SPCs as full Irish tax residents including benefits such as the applicability of low corporate tax rate and access to the Irish tax treaty network.